Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tara's 40th B-day 70's Disco Party

Last night we went to a fabulous 70's disco dance party in celebration of our friend Tara turning 40!  It was such a great night of laughter and plenty of classic dance moves bringing it way back!  Some of those who graced the party were the Incredible Hulk, Elvis, disco roller girl, a punk rock, a smurf, Bob Marley, and retro inspired ensembles from head to toe!  The Byrne family sure knows how to throw an amazing party!  As this will be our last dance party with our Irish church family so we lived it up!
Getting ready to go paaaaarrrrrrttttaaaaayyyy!

I'm so glad Ross enjoys a good dress up party!  All the ladies were insisting he needs to grow his locks out!  Hee!  Hee!  

Psyched and ready to go!

The birthday girl

Classic Paedar, Tanya, and Conor

Me and Joan

Rastafarie... Yeah man!

Dirty stash

Amy & Davy

Davy punktified

Shay getting down

Davy and Amy

Roller girl!

Our precious pastors Sean & Debbie

The birthday girl!

"I'm 40!"

This girl knows how to celebrate!

Our sweet friend Pauline- Our small group leader

Conor was feeling a bit blue

This girl looked ****JUST**** like Katie Sturm!!!  It was so crazy! All of us at the party were freakin'!  We miss our Katie girl!!!!!!

What a duo!
I love these two!