Saturday, December 15, 2012

German Christmas Markets- Cologne & Dusseldorf

This December, we took a really short two day trip to Germany to visit the Christmas markets for the second time.  Although, we both loved the cities we visited last year better, Cologne and Dusseldorf were also fabulous to visit.  The Christmas markets in Cologne were scattered all throughout the large city and had the best food!!!  The most spectacular market was directly beside the domineering Cologne Cathedral.  At night, with everything lit up with twinkling nights, it truly is a sight to behold.  We spent two days trying delicious, typical German food, desserts, and of course the beloved Gluwein!  I was on a mission to find a smoker man as my Christmas decoration for the year.  I found the perfect one at a stall directly underneath the Cathedral.  I know that for Christmas' to come, whenever I look at it, it will bring back great memories of our time here in Germany.  We sure love this country and we were so thankful to have the chance to come again to put us in the Christmas spirit!

Spires of Cologne Cathedral
Ferris Wheel
Potato Pancakes

Yummiest Gnocchi-like dish we've ever tasted (gnocchi, rocket, sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, sour cream and parmesan cheese)!!!! We had to go back for seconds!


Beautiful German architecture

Delicious Gluwein (hot, mulled wine)

Ornaments galore

Angel Market

Three Alphorn players

Magical Christmas lights

Cologne Cathedral at night

Christmas Market at the base of the Cathedral

So excited about my smoker!!!!  Scented incense burn from inside the little man and smoke comes out of his open mouth.  I was on a mission to find a cute one!

Exploring Dusseldorf

Yummy flavored, chocolate covered marshmallow pillows :)

We went back a few times too many; there were so many flavors! :)

Flavored almonds--- Bailey's was my favorite

More gluwein please!

Marzipan and nutella crepe... I swear we ate healthy on this trip!

Ferris wheel over looking the city