Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas and New Years 2011

This Christmas and New Years we had a fantastic time with family and friends! Here are a few pictures of our time in San Diego and Nashville!

Baden wasn't excited at all for Christmas this year :)

Avery couldn't resist all the sparkly ornaments

Upon opening Auntie Michelle's sparkly heart jeans and matching top, Avery immediately stripped off her pj's and pulled on Meesh's new outfit to model. Whereas Baden threw his new clothes aside with complete disinterest :) Hilarious watching the difference between them!

Yes, you are seeing that correctly! All four iPhones were out trying to catch the moment, what moment.... I don't remember!

Avery loved the new necklace her mommy gave me :) I did too!

Avery in her new cozy beanie. It was too cute to pass up!

Christmas at the Hotel Del

Grandma and Avery in front of the tree

Love this girl!

Baden's best bud :)

... tickle torture at its best

I love my B boy!

Julian with the fam

He not only delivers pumpkins and mistletoe... he is a pie deliverer too!

Lunch with our wonderful friends... Aniston is now born, and Bravery short behind!

Oh the love we have for these two!!!

Cutest boys around

Family Pictures: Thanks Tim Hardy!

All the boys

Such a precious family!

My dad's my favorite :)

Last day lovings

Dad creating a tire for our suitcase out of glue... and yes this was as we were walking out the door to the airport. Macgyver Bill indeed!

Christmas and New Years with the Inmans
New Year's Eve in downtown Nashville along with 60,000 other peeps watching Lynyrd Skynyrd

View of the concert stage and the dropping music note from the bridge

Yeah it's 2012!

Beautiful fireworks

On the bridge overlooking downtown Nashville

Loves his sissy :)

Amazing Nashville skyline

Celebrating Christmas with the Inmans
Dave with his authentic German stein glass

Darla rocked her jewelry talent this year! With a black velvet case of "Darla Designs", Rene and I enjoyed picking out of favorite timepiece pendent!

Fashionably sporting our "Darla Design" pieces! Shiloh and Saffron, two little girls at church, LOVE playing with this!

Grand Ole Opry Hotel

Manger scene outside

The beautifully lit trees outside the Grand Ole Opry

Cozy, low lit pub inside the Opry

Ross was *loving* his winged back chair by the fireplace

Rene sure knows what her brother will love :)

Lights inside the Opry

The landscaping is amazing!

Our last dinner together we celebrated Dave and Darla's wedding anniversary. In perfect Darla fashion, she pulled out a trivia game to test all of our knowledge of their marriage. I sure do love her!!! Classic honeymoon and wedding stories resurfaced as the entertainment of the night :)
What a great two weeks filled with friends and family. We felt so blessed to have the chance to go home once again for the holidays.