Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bummer news on the Inman front :(

Unfortunately, this week we received news that we have been dreading to hear. My second attempt at a work permit was once again denied. After all the frustration we have faced these past two years, it doesn't surprise us that it was once again denied, and emotionally we took the news much better than last time! We are trying to remain hopeful as we try our last attempt at an appeal. I have attempted to contact my employer who applied for the work permit on my behalf, but he is on vacation for 10 days! Of course!!! From the date the letter was written on June 23, we have 21 days to respond and request for the decision to be appealed. We have a little less than 2 weeks left to respond to the denial. I have been in contact with my school trying to see if there is someone else who would be able to submit the letter of response I drafted addressing the 5 reasons they listed for why they refused my application. In the denial letter, they addressed one legitimate reason for denying it, that my school did not advertise the post for the full 8 weeks, a reason which I attempted to clarify was a result of miscommunication between my school and the advertising company. But besides this one legitimate reason, the other 4 were completely ungrounded and some blatantly contradictory to the official document on their website.

Please join Ross and I in prayer this one last time as we go through the appeals process. We truly feel that this is a spiritual battle and would covet your prayers! First, pray that I would be able to get in contact with the appropriate person at work who could turn in the appeal for me within the time constraint. Also, we would love to have it approved and processed before school starts for me on August 31. Lastly, pray that if it is denied that Ross and I would have wisdom in the next steps that we take. If it were denied the next phase of our journey is dependent on a few factors: whether or not Ross gets a lecturing post at Trinity next year to allow us to stay in Ireland without me working or whether or not Ross would be able to finish his PhD from a distance.

Although, we are frustrated that we are once again in this place of uncertainty, we feel at peace that we are in the Lord's hands and that regardless of where we are in September and in whatever capacity that looks like, we will be okay. Our journey is far from over. We would ask you to join us in praying that we would continue to abide in the Lord's peace and that we would not be overcome with discouragement or fear.

Thank you to everyone who has walked with us through this long and tiresome process. I know we aren't the only ones who will be greatly disappointed at this news! Hopefully better news will follow!