Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our New Home

After our first flat was flooded, we had the blessing of moving to the precious seafront town of Dun Laoghaire. We have lived here now since September and absolutely love it! It is bright and airy, a great luxury in Dublin where space and light are both hard to come by. We have a lovely balcony which overlooks the harbor. Although being right on the water adds an extra chilly wind factor, our frequent pier walks makes this quaint sea town a fantastic new home for us!

View from our balcony

View from the outside

Our bedroom (a door to the balcony on the left)

Our living room and kitchen

A view of the water from our couch

The lovely bathroom with a much coveted tub!!!

Dun Laoghaire Pier: Our favorite place to walk

Our Trip Home for Christmas

We had an amazing trip home this year for Christmas. We feel absolutely blessed to have had the opportunity to spend a few weeks with all our favorite people that we have been dying to see this past year! We spent our first week with the Inmans over Christmas. During our week we spent time in Austin, Ingram, Fredricksburg, and San Antonio. We had a relaxing Texan Christmas Darla style!
We then went to San Diego to have a belated Christmas celebration with the Howland family. What a joy it was to spend quality time with the fam. Baden and Avery have gotten so big! Ross and I enjoyed many days playing with them and catching up with great friends!

Inman Fam

Love you Dagmar!

Our Traditional New Years in Arrowhead... I love these girls!

Julian trip with Mom and Dad!

Matching Julian hats :) I love my stylin' cute mom!

Precious friends!

My two cutie prego friends :)

Sweet Avery! I love her little scrunched nose!

Love my sissies and mom!

Spencer on day care duty!

I could kiss my precious B boy all day :)

Avery's Irish plaid jacket... she's lovin' it!