Sunday, February 28, 2010

Finally back in Dublin

My how much time has passed! Since we had the privilege of seeing many of you over our Christmas holiday it seemed unnecessary to post on our blog. Let us just say what an incredible blessing it was to see so many of you, our precious friends and family! It brought so much joy to our lives! Since finally having the chance to come back to Ireland with a Work Visa (hallelujah!!!!!) the Lord has BLESSED me (Suzanne) with tons of work! I am tutoring three nights a week for three different students. I am tutoring two girls in high school in math and one 5th grade American boy in American History. Within the past week I was able to visit about 15 elementary schools to give them my CV and offer my substituting skills :) I look back now to the time in November when I did the same thing (but offering to volunteer) and I see how the Lord used that in amazing ways to connect me to Rathgar Junior School. Since I have been back, they have been such a great connection! I feel incredibly blessed to have come across this school. So far, I have had three opportunities to sub for them, and two times this coming week! That is loads (as they would say here) of times since the school is very small. The Lord has been so good! Plus, two weeks ago, I was able to work all week for a friend over here. It just so happened to be the same week that many schools were closed for a mid-term break, a time I would not have been asked to sub! So with all that said, Ross and I are very eagerly looking forward to the ability to travel around and see some of this amazing country we live in.

A few weekends ago to celebrate the Day of Love, Ross and I were able to take a day trip up to Howth, a seaside city north of Dublin. After church, we took the train up the coast and spent the day having a picnic on the cliffs and hiking a couple of miles toward a lighthouse that overlooks all of Dublin. Because our picnic took longer than we expected, we didn't make it all the way to the lighthouse, but in some of the pictures you can see it way in the distance. It was freezing, but not raining... so we felt very lucky! I know many of you have seen the pictures I posted already on facebook, but if not here are some of them again and a video that we took. I apologize ahead of time for my cheesiness!

The Lighthouse

We have really enjoyed the friends we have made here! We have found Dublin to be a very artsy place. It is very common to be invited to a music/art venue. One of our friends from church has done several living room gigs where he plays his original music. A few weeks ago, he showed his artwork at a local cafe and had a few friends of his play music. Our entire house group through our church went to support him. Here is a video clip of the amazing group that played that night. Enjoy!