Thursday, December 3, 2009

YIPPEE! What a great day in Ireland

As many of you know, we have been praying for a job for both Ross and I since arriving in Ireland. With the terrible economy here, it has been quite challenging to find work. Ross has been searching for a job that would be low stress, related to education, and something that would not require so much from him that it would keep him from excelling in his studies. Today we finally heard back from Trinity college on a note taking position that he applied for in September. It entails sitting in on Trinity courses and typing the notes from the lectures for deaf students who are unable to take their own notes. The job pays *great* and is offering Ross the perfect amount of hours that will allow him to make enough (together with his stipend) to completely cover our monthly bills, while at the same time not taking too many hours away in his week from working on his school work and dissertation. It is the perfect job! The woman that was previously employed had a baby and will not be returning. Ross was offered the job today and he starts tomorrow. Plus, it is no problem that he will be gone for 3 weeks at Christmas. It will start right back up when he returns in January!!! Also, he applied to teach an Ethics course for adults in an evening adult program. The director said that if 10 people sign up, that the course is his. Please be praying that that works out.
For those of you that don't know, I (Suz) have been volunteering at Rathgar Junior School, a private primary school. I have been there for four weeks now and it has been the perfect thing to do during this time that I am not eligible to work. I am applying for a working visa when I come home for Christmas so that when I return in January I will be eligible to work. The school I have been volunteering at has been fabulous to me! They have been so thankful to have me there, as I have been thankful to be able to spend time with kids while building relationships with teachers and the "headmistress" (aka principal). Today, a day that I don't normally volunteer, the principal called me to ask if I would substitute for a special needs assistant. (Even though I am not technically supposed to be "working", they are paying me!) The headmistress asked if when I come back in January if I could substitute for a teacher who will be gone for a week. I was so excited! In order to do this, I need to have my work visa processed in 3 weeks while I am home for Christmas. Please join us in praying that the paperwork is quickly processed by January 9th.
Anyways, it was all together an *AMAZING NEWS DAY* for the Inmans. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us. The Lord is so good and responded in abundance to your prayers.

Hiking in Glendalough

A few weeks ago, our friends Katie and Aaron took us to hike in the Wicklow Mountains. Within the beautiful hills, filled with fall leaves and green hills, there was a monastery and cemetery. This amazing monastery began in the 600's when a hermit priest, St. Kevin, secluded himself in these mountains. Later, he brought a group of monks here to Glendalough to begin this monastery. It was absolutely breathtaking! Enjoy the pictures.

The gorgeous curvy road on the drive to Glendalough

The chapel/graveyard apart of the monastery

A view of the monastery

One of many AMAZING celtic crosses in the cemetery

A patch of forest along our hike... the trees were so thick together!

Sitting on a log :) I know it's exciting!

A view of the hills during our hike

Far left: Rebecca a friend of Katie's visiting from Germany; Far Right: Katie and Aaron

One of my favorite pictures ever! It was so magical!

The view of the valley driving home... notice the specks of white in the grass... you guessed it! Sheep